Main Objective

The main objective of the LIFE H2OLOCK project is to demonstrate a versatile and cost-effective solution, specifically designed for medium and large agricultural ponds, which will guarantee a performance in water evaporation control of up to 80-85% (compared to 75-80% existing solutions), the suppression of algae growth without the use of algaecides (after 15-30 days of use) and the production of renewable energy for irrigation systems, covering the water requirements of the reservoir and maximizing energy production.

This will be achieved through the novel combination of floating modules, floating blankets and flexible solar cell panels integrated into some of the floating blankets. This solution will contribute to the LIFE program by helping to reduce the pressure on water masses/resources, promoting sustainable water management. In addition, the project seeks energy efficiency, contributing to the transition of agriculture towards a sustainable paradigm, of renewable energy efficiency and climate neutrality.



Technical Viability

A solution made up of floating modular covers and blankets to cover agricultural ponds, reducing water losses through evaporation and eliminating the use of chemical products to control algae.

Energy Self-Sufficiency

Through the integration of photovoltaic technology in the covers of the ponds, transforming underutilized areas into a source of economic benefit.

Reduce Costs

Reduce by 30% the costs of the solution in terms of installation and maintenance compared to conventional technologies.

Environmental Benefit

Demonstrate the environmental and social benefits of solutions from a life cycle perspective in current and future scenarios.

Change Model

Define the business model for the commercial exploitation of these innovative solutions.


Disseminate and communicate the results of the project, promoting social awareness regarding the environmental problem caused by the water-energy/food nexus in agriculture.


Achieve the design and configuration of a versatile and cost-effective system designed specifically for the ponds in the agricultural sector.

LIFE H2Olock is a European project that presents a novel concept for sustainable water management.


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